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The most recent cool extras added by Allison and Busby:


Jane MacKenzie chats to Novelicious

Jane MacKenzie talks to Novelicious about her debut novel Daughter of Catalonia and the route to publication.

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Caro Fraser on the exhibition and sale of her father's, George MacDonald Fraser, working library

Bookseller Heywood Hill will be exhibiting and selling the working library, comprising over 2,500 books, of George MacDonald Fraser author of the Flashman novels between 2nd June and 30th July 2014. His daughter, novelist Caro Fraser, discussed the exhibition and her father's work with the Mayfair Times


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Shakespeare & Burgess: The Burgess Foundation Podcast

The Burgess Foundation Podcast examines Anthony Burgess’s relationship with Shakespeare and his works, including discussions of his Shakespeare biography, his novel Nothing Like the Sun and his imaginative interpretation of the bard’s life.

Featuring music from the little-known and unfilmed musical The Bawdy Bard and Burgess’s Shakespeare ballet, Mr WS, this is a fascinating exploration of one of the great influences on Burgess’s creative life.

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John Wilcox visits the WWI battlefields with BBC Midlands Today

John Wilcox, author of WWI-set novel Starshine, visits the Somme battlefield where his father fought in 1916. Hear more about his family's remarkable wartime experiences on BBC Midlands Today with the iPlayer.

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Johanna Winard talks to Lipstick Socialist about Ruby's War

Debut author Johanna Winard talks to Bernadette Hyland about her novel, Ruby's War, inspired by the true events surrounding African American troops based in Lancashire during the Second World War.

'In this little community, people recognised the black American soldiers as working people like themselves who had come to join the fight against fascism.'

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The real band of brothers - John Wilcox talks to the Sunday Mirror

Seven brothers who all fought on the front line of World War I and all survived. John Wilcox talks about his father and uncles who between them brought home a Military Medal, a Distinguished Conduct Medal and the highest honour of them all, a Victoria Cross in the Sunday Mirror.

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John Wilcox talks to The Lady Magazine about his family's WWI story

John Wilcox shares his family's story of WWI, in which his father and six uncles all fought and all, amazingly, returned home.

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Alanna Knight MBE talks to Mystery People

Alanna Knight, newly made MBE in the New Year's honours list, talks to Leigh Russell about her career over at

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Ask Fiona McIntosh! Q&A on Goodreads

Did you love The Lavender Keeper? Eager for The French Promise? Fiona McIntosh will be answering your questions and chatting with fans on Goodreads Friday 28th March. Join the group nowand post your query or say hello!

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