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The Hurricane Blonde


Audiobook, E-book, Paperback, Trade Paperback

Author Halley Sutton
Rights UK & Comm ex Can
ISBN 9780749030629
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Hollywood loves a dead girl. She’s always so photogenic.

Salma Lowe understands better than anyone how Hollywood chews up and spits out starlets. She is the offspring of Hollywood royalty, a former child star turned guide on a true crime bus tour and sister to Tawney, dubbed the ‘Hurricane Blonde’, who was murdered in the mid-’90s. The case remains unsolved.

Then she discovers another dead woman with an uncanny resemblance to Tawney on the very property where her sister was murdered. A killer has struck again and with the police investigation going nowhere, Salma plunges back into Los Angeles’ seductive allure to find the culprit. But the search for the truth will take her deep into the rotten heart of Hollywood past and present, and into her family’s dark secrets.

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