RSS? What’s this?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a very simple way to keep up to date with new content from your favourite websites without having to actually having to visit the site – the news comes to you! Simply choose what content you’d like to keep track of and you’ll get all the latest updates in one convenient place. You’ll be able to click directly through to the articles you want to read.

In order to get a RSS feed you need to download a newsreader. This is a free piece of software that checks the RRS feeds and lets you read any articles that have been added to them. You can choose to use any available newsreaders on the web, or simply select from the free web-based readers we’ve chosen for you: NewsBlur, The Old Reader, Feedly and My Yahoo.

Choose which RSS feeds you’d like to receive from the list below.

Our RSS Feeds

Our blog – our Behind the Books blog

Books of the Month – our selected books for this month

Book Club – our current and recent Book Club selections