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The Gates of Paradise

Cover of The Gates of Paradise


Genre: Women's Reads
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780749080716
Rights: UK & Comm with US distribution
Pub. Date: 27th October 2007

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Price: £6.99

Format: Paperback

Synopsis of book»

 It is 1800 and in the quiet village of Felpham hearts are stirring and passions are rising.

At Turret House, the elegant estate of celebrated poet William Hayley Esquire, there is much excitement at the arrival of another poet and engraver, William Blake, to the village.

But young Johnnie Boniface, recently employed at Turret House, has more pressing concerns. Mesmerised by the enchanting blue eyes of the prettiest housemaid, Betsy Haynes, he can not believe his luck when she agrees to 'walk out' with him. As their feelings for each other develop, the two lovers struggle to contain their passion.

This charming love story, set against the historical events of Blake's stay in Felpham, will capture your heart.


What Critics Have Said»

‘Beryl Kingston writes with such a lovely light-handed touch it is impossible not to warm to her novels. There are some great character studies, whether of the more eccentric or the more conventional locals, and a terrific mix of mystery and romance. A charming and kindhearted novel.’Historical Novel Review

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‘A light and gentle romance, rich in period detail’Good Book Guide

'A terrific mix of mystery and romance...a charming and kindhearted novel.’Historical Novel Review

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