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A Southwold Mystery

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback

Author Suzette A. Hill
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749017491
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Shortlisted for the Kobo eDunnit Award


Suffolk, 1955. Rosy Gilchrist is asked by her friend Lady Fawcett to join her on a trip to Southwold to visit Delia Dovedale, an old school chum she hasn’t seen in years. Rosy reluctantly agrees to be her companion on the reunion jaunt, but on arrival they discover that their hostess is dead – recently murdered at the local flower festival.


Rosy’s old friends Cedric and Felix, the latter giving speeches and awarding prizes at the festival, saw Delia cry out her final words on stage before meeting her untimely end. Gathering in the Dovedale residence for tiffin, cocktails and murder motives, the unlikely and ill-assorted foursome decide to uncover Delia’s killer. Faced with incompetent village police officers and a stern manservant with an eyepatch, Rosy and her friends face the impossible task of finding the murderer in a town of suspicious characters – before the body count rises.


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