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The Primrose Pursuit

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Author Suzette A. Hill
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Primrose Oughterard, an eccentric artist living in East Sussex, has recently taken custody of her dead brother’s cat and dog, Maurice and Bouncer. The brother – the Revd Francis Oughterard – has had the misfortune to murder one of his parishioners, and (aided and abetted by his pets and sister) had devoted much of his time to concealing the crime and escaping the gallows (which he did). Following his heroic death rescuing another parishioner from impalement on a gargoyle, his sister feels duty-bound to take responsibility for the two animals. The arrangement results in a number of questionable entanglements including the usual mishaps of murder, foiled intentions, concealment of evidence – plus a peculiar manoeuvre on the cliff at Beachy Head. 

What The Critics Said

‘Witty, clever, and cunningly plotted, it is a joy to read. Highly recommended’

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