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The Deserter’s Daughter

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Hardback, Paperback

Author Susanna Bavin
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749021849
Pages 480
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Manchester, 1920. Carrie Jenkins reels from the revelation that her beloved father was shot for desertion during the Great War, not tragically killed in heroic action as she had previously been led to believe. Worse, Carrie’s sweetheart jilts her on the eve of their wedding, despite her pregnancy.


Facing some tough choices and needing to provide a home for her baby and invalid mother, Carrie is forced to accept the unsettling advances of Ralph Armstrong. It is a decision she will regret.


The first in a two-book deal from an exciting new voice in historical sagas, perfect for fans of Anna Jacobs, Lyn Andrews and Nadine Dorries



What The Critics Said

‘This story is fascinating and at the same time heartbreaking. The terrible cruelty meted out to the wives and families of deserters, the awful shame which affected every aspect of their lives. Susanna Bavin has captured this era beautifully - in the struggles of half-sisters Evadne and Carrie to find happiness. There is tragedy, hope and courage here. A wonderful debut.’

Maddie Please

‘Saga lovers are sure to enjoy this first book by Susanna Bavin. Her story is a real page-turner and will tug at your heart strings.’

Anna Jacobs

‘A gripping, mouth-watering twist-fuelled read from start to finish… A measure of all good books is simply, does the reader want to read on? And the answer here is, without a doubt, yes!’

Carol Rivers, author of A Wartime Christmas

‘Susanna's gritty tale of events triggered by the revelation of a family secret swept me into 1920s Manchester and kept me in suspense right to the end’

Cathy Woodman, author of Trust Me, I’m a Vet

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