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The Shape of Sand

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Author Marjorie Eccles
Rights UK & Commonwealth excl. Canada
ISBN 9780749083991
Pages 288
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Life at Charnley is blessed for the Jardine children, Harriet, Vita and Daisy, who live in an idyllic Edwardian country manor with their loving parents, Beatrice and Amory. But one night, after a party celebrating their mother’s birthday, their dreams of a propitious future suddenly come crashing down when a family scandal catapults them into the headlines. Nearly four decades pass by and still the exact events of that fateful night remain a mystery. But when an old diary detailing their mother’s voyage to Egypt is unearthed it finally seems as though some of the answers are within reach – until the shocking discovery of a mummified corpse in the ruins of their old home.


Beautifully written, evoking the life of the Edwardian upper classes, bomb-scarred post-war England and the sultry Egyptian landscape, The Shape of Sand is a compelling novel you will wish was as long as the Nile.

What The Critics Said

'Mystery piles upon mystery in a way that would have delighted Sherlock Holmes’

Northern Echo

‘A mesmerizing combination of exciting story telling and historical narrative, Eccles proves her talent for bewitching readers while keeping them on the edge of their seats’

Good Book Guide

‘Her stories have a flavour of Jane Austen meeting Agatha Christie…very stylish and rich in colour and its sense of period’

Peterborough Evening Telegraph

‘Compelling story’

Publishing News

‘A wonderful psychological thriller…rich textured story…full of the kind of evocative, impressionist detail that readers of historical fiction love’

Writing Magazine

‘Fresh… Eccles bewitches the reader… The Shape of Sand is a superb story of the fleetingness of human relations, of romance and remorse, resilience and resourcefulness, but one that is ultimately optimistic – and Eccles never fails to compel you to find out “whodunit”’

Ewan Wilson

‘One of the best… It is beautifully written and hard to forget’

Historical Novels Review

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