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One Foot Wrong

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E-book, E-Book (USA)

Author Sofie Laguna
Rights UK & Europe
ISBN 9780749007232
Pages 274
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Nominated for the prestigious Miles Franklin Literary Award and the Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Fiction



Unlike anything you will have read before…


Meet Hester. A child of dark beginnings and few words. Living a painfully sheltered existence forced upon her by reclusive parents, Hester befriends the inanimate objects in her sheltered life: Cat, Broom, Handle and Axe all speak to her, urging Hester to go out into the world and enjoy the rich experience of life.


When Hester’s parents are forced to send her to school, the little girl is overjoyed at meeting children her own age and making her first real friend – Mary. But her pleasure is cruelly taken away from her and she returns to the overwhelming oppressiveness of home.


But no one can stop Hester from growing up and it is when innocence becomes experience that she finds the strength to take action. All she has endured in her short life culminates in a climactic moment that will change her life forever.

What The Critics Said

'Sofie's voice is unique and her narration of her treatment at the hands of her parents will reel you in and keep you hooked. Through it all there's the suggestion of humour and above all, hope.'

Books Monthly

'Laguna's child narrator both emphasises and conceals, through simple yet articulate images, the complicated extent of suffering and release.'

The Guardian

'Sofia Laguna adopts a now familiar story for her novel, yet enriches it with creative flair and a unique voice.'

Books Quarterly

‘Unique and absolutely hypnotic’

Emily Maguire

‘Harrowing… beautifully written, insightful and absorbing’

The Canberra Times

‘Oddly beautiful…original and compelling…
an extraordinary achievement’

The Big Issue

‘One Foot Wrong will at times take your breath away…
the darkest yet most poignant Alice in Wonderland imaginable’


‘A dark novel studded with literary glitter…and quirky brilliance’

The Australian

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