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The Nine Giants

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback


Author Edward Marston
Rights UK & Comm ex. Canada
ISBN 9780749010287
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The fourth book in the Nicholas Bracewell series


When fire destroys their London theatre, Lord Westfield’s players must seek out humbler venues in the countryside. But company manager Nicholas Bracewell is distracted by a shocking tragedy: a mysterious messenger from his native Devon is murdered by poison. Though the messenger is silenced, Nicholas understands what he must do: return to his birthplace and reconcile some unfinished business of the past.

The rest of Westfield’s Men, penniless and dejected, ride forth with him on a nightmare tour that will perhaps become their valedictory, dogged as they are by plague, poverty, rogues, and thieves. And among the sinister shadows that glide silently with them toward Devon is one who means Nicholas never to arrive…


More titles available in the series: The Queen’s Head, The Merry Devils, The Trip to Jerusalem, The Mad Courtesan, The Silent Woman.

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