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The White Lady


E-book, Hardback, Paperback

Author Jacqueline Winspear
Rights UK & Comm ex Can
ISBN 9780749029135
Pages 384
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The White Lady is wonderful … a tense and twisty character-driven thriller, a heartfelt tribute to the twentieth century’s bravest women, and a perfect match between story and storyteller.  No one does this better than Jacqueline Winspear.” – LEE CHILD

1947. Elinor White, known locally as ‘the White lady’, is living a solitary, quiet life in a grace-and-favour cottage in the Kent countryside. Unbeknownst to her neighbours, she is the veteran of two world wars, a trained killer and former intelligence agent.

Yet Elinor’s private and seemingly tranquil existence conceals a past trauma that comes to the fore when she is drawn into the predicament of a local man entangled with one of the most dangerous crime families in London.

A treacherous path lies ahead, but it may be one that ultimately leads Elinor to a future unshackled from her own painful history.

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