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Murder in Regent’s Park


Audiobook, E-book, Paperback


Author Christina Koning
Rights World
ISBN 9780749029685
Pages 318
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First published as Game of Chance under A. C. Koning.

1929. Blinded war veteran Frederick Rowlands has escaped the bustle of London to establish a secure life for himself and his family in the countryside. But everything is about to change when an old friend, Chief Inspector Douglas, asks for his assistance in tracking down the killer of a beautiful dancer. That there is a link between the murder and St Dunstan’s, the institute for blind ex-servicemen of which Rowlands himself is a member, is only one of the puzzling features of the case.

Transported back into the whirl of London in order to unravel the mystery surrounding the dead woman, the Blind Detective is caught up in a deadly game of chance. A series of breathtaking twists and turns force him to confront his past, and to risk everything — including own life — in the process.


Blind Detective Series (2)

What The Critics Said

"Touch, hearing, smell and visual memory created such a full world that it was hard to believe it hadn’t been described visually"

Helen Dunmore

"Vivid, detailed… Rowlands comes to life in a way that few fictional characters do… an excellent read"

Jessica Mann, Literary Review

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