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The Book of Weird Sex



Author Chris Gordon
Rights World English
ISBN 978074901364
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Everything you ever wanted to know about sexual oddities from around the world – and through history – can be found in this witty and engaging volume.

Read about the antics of the Egyptian Pharoah who was a serial castrator (his collection totaling over 13,000); about the ancient Syrian queen who created ‘a multitude of eunuchs’ through her jealousy; about the paramedic who regularly fattened her dog up with hearty meals of adolescents’ testicles; and about the scissor-happy wife who cut off her husband’s prize asset and threw it out of the window, only to have a duck pick it up in its bill and waddle off with it…

Did you know?

  • In medieval times one of the few grounds for divorce was sexual incompetence, which had to be demonstrated before a court
  • In Romania men can be refused entry into the Orthodox priesthood if their members ‘don’t reach the minimum length set down in the rules’.
  • Dr John Harvey Kellogg proclaimed his first breakfast cereal product as an antidote to masturbation.

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