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Evil for Evil

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Author Aline Templeton
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749013509
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Lovatt Island is one of a group of beautiful, uninhabited islands, near the isolated village of Innellan in south-west Scotland. The skeleton found in one of its sea-caves, shackled to the rock, looks like the relic of some long ago conflict between rival smuggling gangs, but the modern watch clasped around its bony wrist gives the lie to that.

It presents a challenging, if not perhaps an urgent case for DI Marjory Fleming. But in the village there is an atmosphere of fear and tension and seemingly unconnected incidents start to happen: unpleasant vandalism; a house is set on fire. The rank smell of hatred is in the air and Fleming, desperate to prevent more violence senses a pattern she cannot see, a deadly uncompleted design becoming uglier and uglier.

What The Critics Said

'Wonderful descriptions of Scotland, a cast of interesting and well-drawn characters, and an intriguing and well-reasearched plot with many twists makes this a real page turner'

The Good Book Guide

'Aline has a talent for making the Scottish vernacular readily understood by all readers yet keeping the flow and feeling of the verbal interchanges. This gives superb coherence and colour to her stories. Her excellent descriptions of the local ne'er-do-wells of all ages make on shudder and one may almost smell them in their unwashed splendour. Aline creates a splendid background of the small grey towns, with their small grey inhabitants nursing their small grey disappointments into a flame of hatred and revenge. This is no genteel problem for solving, but a tale of cataclysmic human unpleasantness; people damaged by their past where retribution and justice sit uncomfortably and we wonder if anyone may escape from the things done in previous years. Aline makes her story a reality of dark deeds set in the chocolate box surroundings of a tourist board Eden. She is a master of atmosphere and tension. Do get this one to read, it is really good.'

Dorothy L Sayers Society

'EVIL FOR EVIL is a complex book full of numerous sub-plots, and plenty of false trails. Aline Templeton has managed to create a large cast of characters, with plenty of detail and backstory that is very effective in engaging the reader with each of them. I became thoroughly immersed in this book, and despite occasionally finding it a bit difficult to keep track of all the numerous characters, I enjoyed it immensely. Aline Templeton's books featuring Marjory Fleming keep improving with each new outing and this new book is a great addition to the series.'


'A tense tale of subtle intrigues...This outstanding new instalment in the Fleming series shares many qualities with the formidible cop: understated, smart, and certainly not prone to dramatics or exaggeration. the intrigue is in the subtleties, the authenticity of the investigative process and the vivid deptiction of a complex cast of characters. Templeton doesn't just write a crime trhiller - she creates a society with such detail and finesse that you feel you're among them, sharing their fears as they wait for the figures in the shadows to be revealed.'

Daily Record

I just love these books! The characters are brilliant, eminently believable and sympathetic and Templeton has a fine ear for dialogue which always rings true...The interaction between her work colleagues, and the strains and joys of family life are beautifully described.
The particular environment of a small town and country area, where everyone knows everyone and old quarrels last long, is set down to perfection. Using that, the plot develops strongly, and even those incomers to the town prove to have an interest in what has happened there in the past. I also like the family interest. The old problem of fitting meaningful relationships into a police career is solved by a very understanding and loving husband. The progression of Fleming’s children, experiencing the trials of growing up and moving away, only add to the interest.
As I wrote at the beginning of this review – I just love these books! They are very much in the vein of Ann Cleeves and are perfect for anyone looking for a new writer to discover. You could do no wrong than to 'discover' Aline Templeton's Fleming series. 5-stars!

'A superbly crafted novel...Aline Templeton weaves a series of events and interconnected lives into a gripping story which keeps you on the edge of your seat until the final turn of the page... EVIL FOR EVIL is an extremely satisfying read.'

Undiscovered Scotland

‘Aline Templeton has demonstrated that, just when we thought Scotland was saturated with detectives, a strong woman can elbow her way in and find a unique niche’

The Scotsman

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