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Devil’s Garden

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Hardback, Paperback


Author Aline Templeton
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749026011
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When DI Kelso Strang hears that an old friend from Police College days suspects there is corruption in her local station at Halliburgh in the Borders of Scotland, he sends her undercover so they can act before a major scandal erupts.


Anna Harper’s brilliant novels are international best-sellers. Her friend and housekeeper Marta Morelli ensures that her private and professional life run smoothly and Anna, acclaimed, rich and elegant, has everything a hugely successful woman could want – except peace of mind. They both live with the knowledge of what they have done and the gnawing worry that one day it might come to light.


When Anna’s son, Felix, dies of an overdose that may well have been a mistake and her daughter, Cassandra, has an accident that may well have been just that, she refuses to accept reassurance from the police. Just as the situation becomes critical, the Beast from the East roars in bringing chaos and Strang – engaged now in a life-or-death struggle – can do nothing but rage and wait for the thaw.

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