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The Cipher Garden

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback


Author Martin Edwards
Rights UK and Comm
ISBN 9780749081355
Pages 312
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In the peaceful village of Old Sawrey, set in the idyllic Lake District, a murderer strikes. Warren Howe, a husband and father of two, is brutally slaughtered with his own scythe by a mysterious hooded figure. The police manage to identify several suspects, but due to the lack of evidence they fail to make an arrest.




Years later an anonymous tip-off sparks the interest of DCI Hannah Scarlett, who heads the local Cold Case Review Team. With the help of a historian, and his information on the goings on in his unusual garden, Inspector Scarlett delves deeper and deeper in her quest for the truth, discovering old sins that are casting long shadows.









What The Critics Said


‘Blew me away… '


‘Lively suspense and richly eloquent writing… A masterpiece of descriptive crime writing marrying well with a winning finale in true Edwards form’

North Wales Living

‘Martin Edwards is both a clever plotter and a writer who can build and destroy a character or a relationship with a word here and a word there. He can also cliff-hang with the best of them’

The Law Society’s Gazette

‘Charming and well plotted’

Morning Star

‘An accomplished crime writer’

James Melville

‘Cheshire’s leading crime novelist’

Chester Chronicle

‘Edwards expertly scatters clues to an ugly series of surprises in the manner of Peter Robinson and the early PD James’


‘Fans of the British village mystery who are particular about setting should trek to The Cipher Garden’

Marilyn Stasio

‘Congratulations are due to Martin Edwards’

The Lawyer

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