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Cover of Little ChildrenRead An Extract of Little Children

Author: Tom Perrotta

Genre: A&B Classics
Format: E-book
ISBN: 9780749014810
Pages: 288
Rights: UK & Comm ex. Can ANZ
Pub. Date: 18th July 2013

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Format: E-book

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A unique mix of the comical, and the touchingly humane, this brilliantly perceptive novel sees a group of parents, trapped in middle-class stability, dealing with marriage, kids and their suburban life in very different ways..

There's Mary Ann, a super-mom who is already preparing her 4-year-old son for Harvard and has her life scheduled to a T, including sex with her husband - every Tuesday at 9pm sharp.  Then there's Todd, the handsome stay-at-home-dad - the one the other mothers admire in a silent Look-But-Do-Not-Touch fashion. He's trying (for his wife's sake) to pass his bar exam although he blatantly doesn`t want to be a lawyer, and in a desperate attempt to reclaim his youth joins a midnight touch-football team, and starts a passionate affair with Sarah. Sarah is a lapsed feminist who isn't quite sure how she ended up being a traditional wife. She's the kind of mother who (shock horror) is capable of forgetting her daughter's snack, and in a moment's rebellion dares to kiss Todd in front of the mother's group.  Then there's Larry, an ex-policeman whose wife has left him and who obsessively targets the local paedophile to vent his life`s frustration. And let's not forget Sarah's husband, Richard, a successful businessman who develops an obsession for internet exhibitionist Slutty Kay, and consequently spends more time inhaling her mail-ordered panties than with his own wife and daughter.

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