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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback

Author Ted Lewis
Rights World English ex US
ISBN 9780749013639
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The original novel of the classic cult film starring Sir Michael Caine.


Doncaster train station, and Jack Carter is heading home for a funeral – his brother Frank’s. Frank had been found dead and drunk in his car at the bottom of a cliff. Now, Frank was a mild, sober man, so why did he land up dead in his car at the bottom of a cliff? Jack thinks his death doesn’t add up and decides to ask questions. But he is told to stop by Gerald and Les who run a porn ‘firm’ and Jack is their ‘hit’ man. Frank did as he was told, but Jack is not like that.


This is a tough, uncompromising novel portraying a stark society of people living on the dangerous border-line between crime and respectability.

What The Critics Said

'This is the terrifyingly real world of the 1960s, the era of the Krays and the utter disregard for law and order that seemed to prevail...Ted Lewis describes a world that is ultimately real and brutal in a way that sends a cold shiver through you as you realise these kinds of things were really happening while you were living a totally different life in the shires...Sobering - a cult classic.'


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  1. Ana Gomez, La Coru�a Spain

    Great plot. Very well written. Although I was surprised and somehow disappointed with the ending, I do now think that THAT was actually the way this novel should end.

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