Let other keyboards dwell on poor Austen imitations

You don’t know how hard I’m restraining my fingers from tapping out a line on autopilot that the world, his wife and her indolent Pug dog know all to well. So putting aside any truths, universally acknowledged or not, I’m determined to quietly welcome an addition to the Austen continuation shelf from no less an author than Baroness PD James: Death Comes to Pemberley is out now. From a read of the sampler you can get hold of here, it seems that James has picked up the voice quite well. And I’ll take a leap of faith that she hasn’t felt the need to incorporate any zombies into the mix.

And, in a nod to last week’s Wednesday Cover Story theme – does the font used on Death Comes to Pemberley seem familiar? Also looks a bit like the distressed font we used on the Morganville Vampires books!

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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