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Up the Garden Path

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Hardback, Paperback

Author Norman Thelwell
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749017064
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The perfect gift for any gardener who has experienced overbearing neighbours, the pains of building a water feature, unruly indoor plants, and the battle to dig the lawnmower out from the shed. Norman Thelwell was a keen observer of the foibles of the British at work and play. He is best known for his small, round and hairy ponies and their small, equally round little girl owners.

What The Critics Said

'This collection of cartoons addresses the perennial problems of weeds and neighbourly disputes... it is fun to see how far we have come from a world of chaps in sleeveless pullovers and ties pushing cumbersome hand lawnmovers'

The Sunday Times

'Allison & Busby has reissued four of Thelwell’s gems. Get them for the country pursuit lover in your life and stockpile them by the downstairs loo'

Country & Town House Magazine

Up the Garden Path provides a 'little nostalgia'

Sunday Times Culture

'These quirky cartoon books [offer] a trip down memory lane for Thelwell’s long-established fans and a breath of fresh air for a new generation of outdoor pursuit lovers'

Lancashire Evening Post

'Welcome reissues of [Thelwell's] work... with hilarious horticultural Latin and monthly gardening tips, these little books will raise a wry smile'

The Good Book Guide

'Fans of Norman Thelwell's barrel-shaped hairy ponies rejoice: publisher Allison & Busby is reissuing four tongue-in-cheek guides to rural life from the cartoonist's archive'

Country Life Magazine

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