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Envelopes: A Puzzling Journey Through the Royal Mail

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Author Harriet Russell
Rights UK & Comm ex Can
ISBN 9780749079239
Pages 96
Publication Date 1st October 2008
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Embark on a puzzling journey through Royal Mail. Open this book, and you will discover a most curious and diverting collection of illustrated envelopes, all of which have been sent through the Royal Mail system.

In Envelopes, Harriet Russell has created a wealth of different ways of communicating an address: mazes, join-the-dots, anagrams, illustrations, puns, visual games, experimental fonts, puzzles, and literary wordplay.

You may find it hard to believe that the majority of the envelopes arrived at their intended destinations, but they did, and all have the postmarks to prove it! Their safe delivery is a tribute to the heroic postal employees who rose to the challenge.

What The Critics Said

‘Harriet has included her weird and wonderful creations that you won’t believe actually made it through the Royal Mail system to reach their destination. From mazes, where the address snakes through from the start to finish, to dot-to-dot addresses the postie has to decipher, the envelopes in this book are a delight, and will make you think twice before you post again.’

Stoke on Trent Sentinel Series

‘Beautifully illustrated and fun to read, this would be an original gift book.’

Bookseller’s Choice

‘Her book is an exquisite collection of 75 of these uniquely addressed envelopes – a real must see.’

BucksHerald Magazine

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