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The Trip to Jerusalem

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback


Author Edward Marston
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749010232
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The third book in the Nicholas Bracewell series


For Lord Westfield’s Men, Every high road leads to death.


When the deathly horrors of the Black Plague decimate the audiences in London’s theatres, the acclaimed troupe of players called Lord Westfield’s Men take to the high road to seek out fresh audiences. But wherever they go, they are thwarted by misfortune, and are baffled by mysteries. Their scripts are stolen, their players abducted. A dead man walks, and a beautiful woman hears the voice of God.


Only one man is clever enough to match swords with the troupe’s burgeoning troubles. Upon Nicholas Bracewell, the company’s bookholder and mainstay, falls the burden that may cost him his life – as they head for an ancient inn called the Trip to Jerusalem, where the last act of a bloody drama is about to begin…


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What The Critics Said

'This well-researched book offers a lively glimpse into a vibrant age: the mud and filth of 16th century travel, the glories of the stately homes the troupe play in, and the hurly-burly of life with a travelling theatre company. It all rings very true. There are some splendid, almost farcical scenes where the troupe’s devastatingly attractive and charismatic leader, Laurence Firethorn, tries to juggle the unexpected arrival of his wife (whom he’d left in London), his buxom mistress, and the saintly Eleanor whose chastity he’d like to storm. I’m sure that Edward Marston’s fans will be thrilled to see this old favourite from 1990 re-issued.'

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