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Summer of Love

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Author Rachel Moore
Rights World English ex USA
ISBN 9780749008109
Publication Date 12th April 2010
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Three years on from the end of the Second World War, seventeen-year-old Jessie Penwarden is struggling to be recognised as an adult by her over-protective parents. Ever since her brother was killed in the war, the Reverend Penwarden and his wife have tried to shield Jessie from any dangers possible in sleepy Abbot’s Cove, Cornwall, including heartbreak. Luckily for Jessie though, her best friend Rita is more than happy to guide her along the way, and when the girls meet some boys from Penzance at a summer dance, Jessie falls hard.

Dating biker Will Tremayne is as glamorous and exciting as Jessie could wish. She doesn’t dare tell her strict father that she is falling in love with a biker boy – she knows only too well what he would say. Meanwhile, Rita’s reckless nature leads her into trouble, and the Penwarden family soon have greater things to worry about than Jessie’s blossoming romance. As both girls stumble into problems, they can only hope they’ve learnt enough about life and love to find the right way through.

A tender tale of first love and family loyalties in a beautiful Cornish setting.


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