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The Rabbit Factory

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Trade Paperback

Author Marshall Karp
Rights UK and Comm excluding Canada
ISBN 9780749081638
Pages 642
Publication Date 1st April 2007
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Disney has “Mickey Mouse”.  Lamaar Studios has “Rambunctious Rabbit”… but the man in the rabbit suit is dead.

When the actor wearing the costume of the cherished mascot is murdered at Lamaar Studio’s theme park Familyland, the executives are anxious to protect their business. Enter LAPD detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs. Their mission: solve the case fast, keep it low profile.

But when the bodies pile up and an outrageous demand is sent in, it becomes clear that someone wants bloody vengeance against Lamaar Studios and is prepared to kill anyone associated with it – employees, customers, anyone – if that demand isn’t met.

Mike Lomax, a recent widower, already has a lot on his plate, including dealing with a dozen letters left for him by his late wife and his retired teamster father Big Jim who is determined to get Lomax`s love-life back into gear. Biggs is his partner, a Bronx-born cop and wannabe-stand-up-comic, and together they race against the clock to solve the case, before a madman brings the entertainment giant to its knees.

Sharp, fast-paced and laugh-out-loud funny, this book will have you clamouring for more.

What The Critics Said

'The Rabbit Factory was an enjoyable read and from about halfway through became a real page turner where, despite being heavily jetlagged and desperately needing sleep, I kept on going wanting to find out what happened next.I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series. 4 -stars'

Rob Kitchin

‘Wacky, original debut’

The Bookseller

‘Smartly written and cleverly plotted’

The Scotsman

‘The frenetic plotting and outrageous characterisation are in [Carl Hiassen]’s line…but the anti-establishment humour is reminiscent of another darkly humorous novelist, Joseph Heller’

Publishing News

‘This is a sure-fire winner.’

Margaret Murphy

‘A sharply written crime debut’

Glasgow Herald

‘A plot that reaches the 7,5 on the Richter scale…a host of brilliantly cast characters… [and] switchblade sharp dialogues. Lomax and Biggs are two of LAPD’s finest, as fine a pair as have ever come out of the city’s fiction’

Book of the Week, Daily Sport

‘The brightest new crime writer to come out of the US in a long time…
The dialogue is very, very funny…the characters are wonderfully drawn… fans of the crime thriller will love The Rabbit Factory. Others will find enough warmth and laughter among the crime and grime to keep them absorbed.
Perfect poolside reading for the summer holidays’

Aberdeen Press and Journal

This is a nigh-on flawless first novel - I thoroughly enjoyed both the story and the writing style of the author - and I implore you to simply 'read it'!

Debut Book of the Month,

‘The Rabbit Factory was a joy to read...[It] has been compared to the work of Carl Hiaasen, but I’m happy to say it’s much better.

‘Better than mostly anything on the market...The Rabbit Factory is, quite simply, stunning... With enough pace to drive and executive jet, enough poignancy to satisfy Danielle Steel and enough acerbic wit and humour to keep even the biggest Jon Stewart fan happy. Worth every single second it takes to fly through... 632 pages of unadulterated magic.’

Chris High

‘Probably the hottest crime caper this year. Lomax and Biggs are fun, fun, fun, page after page, and…the tension never flags for an instant’

Book of the Month,

‘Hiaasen is my favourite author and I’ve come across many books that claim to be as good. And it always turns out to be an idle boast. But The Rabbit Factory was different…But I don’t want to compare this book to anyone. In future, I’d like to use Marshall’s Karp’s name as the benchmark of quality’

Jewish Telegraph

‘An interesting plot, with lively writing and some exceptionally funny dialogue between the two likeable lead characters. I’ll certainly look forward to the
second volume’

Morning Star

‘Karp's an original. My prediction is that he'll be up there on his own before too long. The Rabbit Factory exudes talent and class all down the line… The book's a riot…it's the smoothest and most entertaining of reads…I guarantee you'll hurtle through it.” - Included in Top Ten Best Reads of 2007

‘No ordinary thriller...Crime? Comedy? Satire? Karp’s enviable talents have worked their surreal magic to create a debut that falls into all three categories.’

Daily Record

‘An original and inventive mystery, The Rabbit Factory is full of humour, warmth… Immersion in Marshall Karp’s astonishing debut novel is sheer, indulgent delight.’

Yorkshire Post

‘It’s refreshing to have so many likeable characters in a crime novel. Lomax and Biggs in particular are an engaging pair, with a nice line in witty repartee…Karp’s genial style and humorous anti-establishment digs make an entertaining read’

Sunday Telegraph

‘4-stars…An hilariously sharp debut thriller’

Daily Mirror

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