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The Princess of Burundi

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Author Kjell Eriksson
Rights UK & Comm ex Can
ISBN 9780749040147
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Winner of the Swedish Crime Academy Award for Best Crime Novel

Kjell Eriksson is already an international sensation – it’s time to see why.

‘But he took out all the Princesses and

beheaded them. I don’t get it.’

‘The Princesses?’

‘That’s the name of the fish. The Princess of Burundi’


When the mutilated body of tropical fish collector John Jonsson is discovered in Uppsala the police are baffled – he may not have been a saint, but who would want to kill him, and in

such a brutal way?

Inspector Ann Lindell, working the case, is convinced that the killer has been is swiftly identified, but then doubts begin to creep in: what if she’s wrong? As increasingly sinister events begin to unfold, and Jonsson’s family get further involved,Lindell and her team must unravel the complex clues and stop the killer before it’s too late…

What The Critics Said

'Eriksson's objectivity in his depiction of his characters, criminals, victims, and police alike, makes THE PRINCESS OF BURUNDI a deeply thoughtful piece of crime fiction. It's not a "wild ride" suspense is the very interactions of the characters themselves, whether trivial or meaningful, that form the triggers for events within the book... If you are a Henning Mankell fan looking to find another crime writer to read - then let me recommend THE PRINCESS OF BURUNDI as a good book and a good place to start.'


‘Stunning…haunting…can chill you to the bone’

Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times

'Kjell Eriksson’s crime novels are among the very best'

Henning Mankell, author of the Wallander series

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