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Murder in Berlin


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Author Christina Koning
Rights World
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First published as Out of Shot under A. C. Koning.

Berlin, 1933. The Nazi regime is gaining a startling amount of power as Hitler is appointed Chancellor. As stark oppression begins to unfold, blind war veteran, Frederick Rowlands, takes on the most challenging investigation of his life …

A glamorous film star has been murdered and Fred finds himself swept into the German film industry. Fred discovers he is more implicated in this story than he originally thought when he realises his young nephew, Billy, was the last one to see the movie star alive.

As the political landscape worsens, Billy’s safety is threatened by an individual who is set on keeping the identity of the killer a secret. Will Fred make it in time to save his nephew and solve the case unharmed?


Blind Detective Series (4)

What The Critics Said

"The plot is good and the atmosphere of the new Germany is grippingly febrile."

Marcel Berlins, The Times

"Koning’s elegant prose, psychological acuity and, above all, meticulous sense of place raises this far above the average genre novel. An engaging and enlightening read."

Michael Arditti

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