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The House at the End of Hope Street

Cover of The House at the End of Hope StreetRead An Extract of The House at the End of Hope Street

Author: Menna van Praag

Genre: Literary Fiction
Format: E-book
ISBN: 9780749018672
Rights: UK & Comm ex Can
Pub. Date: 23rd April 2015

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Format: E-book

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Synopsis of book»

When tragedy strikes Alba Ashby, she finds herself at the door of a house she’s never noticed before. Number Eleven, Hope Street in Cambridge is no ordinary house. Its walls are steeped in the wisdom of past residents: Virginia Woolf, Dorothy Parker and Agatha Christie to name a few. Alba accepts an invitation to stay, offered to her under the condition she has ninety-nine nights, and no more, to turn her life around. 

Guided by the energy of the house, where portraits come alive, bookcases refill themselves and hot chocolate has healing properties, the enchanting experience Alba and her new friends share will change their lives forever.

What Critics Have Said»

'A thoughtful, magical, beautiful book'One More Page

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'An enchanting, magical read; evocative, wise and beautiful'The Bookbag

'engaging, uplifting new novel'Nudge Books

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