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The Forgotten Family



Author Beryl Matthews
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749018832
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London 1890. Queenie Bonner is only two years old and oblivious to the dirt and squalor of the slums she lives in. She is the youngest of ten children and is happy with her brothers and sisters.  Harry, the eldest, is the one she loves the most.

One day when they are all having a rough and tumble in the street, with Queenie right in the middle laughing with joy, a posh carriage arrives.  While they all watch in awe at such a sight, Queenie’s mum and dad put her in the coach with a strange man and woman.  As they drive away a terrified little girl leans out of the window calling to Harry to help her. They arrive at a large house in the country and the little girl begs to be taken home.  Albert and Mary Warrender tell her this is now her home, and rename her Eleanor.

Over the years she forgets about her other family and loves Albert and Mary, believing they are her parents.  Fifteen years later Mary dies and Albert tells her about her past and what her real name is.

Albert helps her to trace her brothers and sisters.  They find them all except Harry.  There is no trace of him, and Queenie knows she must find this special brother to complete her forgotten family.  But where is he?

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