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A Death in the Family




Author Hazel Holt
Rights UK & Comm excl Canada
ISBN 9780749014353
Pages 288
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Bernard Prior was never popular with the rest of his family. And when his second cousin, Sheila Malory, is warned that he is visiting members of the Prior family in order to research their genealogy, Sheila considers it nothing more than a bore. However, what seems like an innocent pastime soon turns into something more sinister. When Bernard dies in suspicious circumstances, family secrets start to emerge. It appears that Bernard’s death is not as straightforward as it seems; while he is known as a bore and a bully, there is nothing to indicate any motive for cold-blooded murder. But someone clearly wanted him dead, and Sheila begins to realise that his research into their family history may have turned up more than a collection of old photographs.

Never one to let sleeping dogs lie, Sheila takes it upon herself to discover the truth behind Bernard’s demise. What secrets lie buried in the family past? And what will happen to those who try to uncover them?

Set in the West Country, this modern-day Miss Marple is about to learn that murder can often hit uncomfortably close to home, and that appearances can sometimes be deceptive?


What The Critics Said

‘With her usual aplomb, Hazel Holt has woven a tale of suspense that keeps us guessing right to the end’

The Exmoor Country Magazine

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