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Dark Undertakings

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback


Author Rebecca Tope
Rights World
ISBN 9780749025618
Pages 400
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A West Country Mystery

Fifty-five-year-old Jim Lapsford makes an unusually healthy-looking corpse. A life-long devotee of vitamin pills and herbal remedies, it seems almost ironic that he has succumbed to a heart attack. But his GP is convinced that this is the case.

Trainee undertaker Drew Slocombe isn’t so sure. As an ex-nurse, Drew is convinced that there is enough conflicting medical evidence to merit a coroner’s inquest.  And then there’s Jim’s personal life: in addition to a long suffering wife, two sons and a grieving terrier, Jim appears to have left behind a series of scorned mistresses.

Even so, Drew may have plenty of suspects but he has no proof.  And Jim’s cremation is days away…

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