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A Bed of Scorpions

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Author Judith Flanders
Rights UK & Comm ex Can
ISBN 9780749015480
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Shortlisted for the Kobo eDunnit Award


What’s an editor to do with so many demands? Do you deal with the morning’s pile of manuscript submissions first? Or the swine from sales who steals all the chocolate digestives? Or do you concentrate on your ex-lover, whose business partner has just been found dead in their art gallery, slumped over his desk with a gun in his hand?


It’s another day at Timmins & Ross publishing house, but when sharp-tongued editor Samantha Clair’s CID boyfriend is brought in to investigate Frank Compton’s death, her loyalties become stretched. And when one of Aidan Merriam’s artists is found dead in identical circumstances, Sam takes on the art world and the CID, armed with nothing more than her reliable weapons: satire, cynicism and a stock of irrelevant information culled from novels.

What The Critics Said

'[a] funny, cleverly plotted mystery, full of merciless observations that give an irresistibly entertaining insight into the business of publishing.'

The Good Book Guide

'It's a thriller, a wickedly funny insider's view of the book trade and the heroine has a backbone - for me, the perfect storm of an entertaining read. Loved it.'

Kate Saunders, The Times

'Judith Flanders provides with a second slice of entertaining insights into the world of publishing . . . Superb fun.’

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