Winner of our Fairy Tale Bundle

Find out who won our beautiful hardback Bitter Greens and some gorgeous bookends!

Thanks to all who entered our competition to win a copy of Bitter Greens, by Kate Forsyth (a captivating novel that blends history with the story of Rapunzel) together with a pair of gorgeous fairy-tale-inspired bookends by Heather Alstead Designs.







Taken from the foreword in Bitter Greens: The first known version of the Rapunzel fairy tale was ‘Petrosinella’, by the Italian writer Giambattista Basile published posthumously in 1634. Sixty-four years later, in 1698, it was retold under the name ‘Persinette’ by the French writer Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de la Force, written while she was locked away in a nunnery as punishment for her scandalous life…’

From what herb does the name ‘Petrosinella’ and ‘Persinette’ derive from:

a) Rocket

b) Parsley

c) Peppermint

d) Basil

The answer was: PARSLEY. And our very lucky winner is…

Brenda Mashford from Plymouth

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