Wednesday Cover Story: The first ever A&B Catalogue (from 1969)!

We’re currently working on our January – June 2013 catalogue which always gets us a bit extra excited about the gems we have in store for you next year. And of course, we have to pick a cover for it. The covers to last year’s catalogues were inspired by the covers to our Monsieur Pamplemousse series, and Thank You For Smoking. But for this coming one, we’ll be adopting the design used for Three Houses, by Angela Thirkell.

And speaking of catalogue covers, today we happened to receive an email from Margaret Busby (co-founder of A&B) who had come across the first ever Allison & Busby catalogue from 1969 and sent us a picture of it (below).

We’ve certainly made things a little brighter now, but great fun to see the list of author names that were under the A&B umbrella back then.  I didn’t know we had published Brian W Aldiss and Jack Trevor Story. Spot any other interesting names?

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity  & Online Marketing Manager

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One thought on “Wednesday Cover Story: The first ever A&B Catalogue (from 1969)!”

  1. Mervyn Peake and is that JG Ballard I can see? Very cool nugget of history. And I am forever starstruck by the fact that we published Jill Murphy’s Worst Witch books back before I was born.

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