Wednesday Cover Story: Matching the season…

This week, we got word that In Falling Snow, by Mary-Rose MacColl is one of the Top 50 Bestselling Fiction titles in the USA, and a Top 5 Historical Fiction Bestseller in Canada. It is a wonderfully moving novel set during the First World War and inspired by the real-life women of Royaumont, who set off from Edinburgh to turned an abbey in France into a hospital.  Read more about those extraordinary women here…

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With a title like In Falling Snow, it’s no surprise that the cover depicted a snowy backdrop. Equally, the new crime novel Dead of Winter, by Elizabeth Corley begs for a cover with an eerie wintry scene.  But there are other books, with less obvious titles, whose covers immediately place the book in the winter season, like The Windermere WitnessFear in the Cotswolds, or The Hand that Trembles (indeed all of Swedish author Kjell Eriksson’s titles evoking the cold Nordic country).

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Now that we approach the wintry season, all these titles above may well have an extra appeal…

Do you find that matching your reads to the seasons actually adds to your enjoyment of the book? Would you still pick up these titles above  if your plan was to read them on a sunny beach? Or would you wait until you’re curled up under a blanket, and escape into the winter-set novel with the soundtrack of the cold wind howling outside your own window?

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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