Wednesday Cover story: Iconic covers…and soup

I spotted the other day that Campbell’s, purveyors of fine soups, had decided to celebrate the 50 years since Andy Warhol incorporated the brand into his artwork with a set of limited edition tomato soup cans. Pretty nifty eh?

It made me think about those images in the world of books that are iconic, absolute classics, that are hard to get out of your brain. Can anything top the following selection?

classic covers 


To Kill a Mockingbird

A title that has been ingrained into my psyche by GSCE English. Nothing could top the simplicity of this plain cover. Though for the first time I’ve noticed the hyphenation of mockingbird. I wonder what the thought process of that was, my instinct is to avoid that in a layout. Interesting…

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

I’ve seen the revamped cover style for Louis de Bernières’ titles, and I think they are really beautiful, but when I think of this title, it is this style that instantly pops into my head.

Life of Pi

Again, Canongate have done some interesting and gorgeous new covers for various other editions of Yann Martel’s modern classic, but this is the one that just works, am I right?

What covers would you add to this gallery?

Lesley Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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