Time for more unusual bookshelves…

It’s a common predicament; too many books, too little space. Where on earth to put them all? At the moment, for me, it ranges from overflowing, precariously balanced piles to finding a Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in my puppy’s bed. I know interesting bookshelves have been covered in this blog before so here are my personal favourites – enjoy:

The Walking Circle (I made up the name)…

Hilarious. It’s like a giant hamster wheel of books. Of course, no one will stand in it like that once you have actually bought it, but still.

On the same level as The Walking Circle, but more practical, is the next one: The Cave…

The Cave is actually its real (slightly gloomy, ominous sounding) name. The description says it is good for ‘hiding’ and feeling ‘secretive’. It certainly isn’t as good a hiding place as a real cave (for example, the one they use to hide in, in The Hunger Games – literary connection) but it would be nice to hang out in a bookshelf.  And least you’d have plenty of reading to entertain yourself.

Now I thought I would throw in a picture of a giant bookshelf..

VAST. It scares me a bit, especially with the curving floor that seems to be dropping into oblivion (like the curved drop into the underworld in The Amber Spyglass – literary connection number 2, going well).

Another example of a distorted bookshelf…

So warped and wavy. It reminds me of something off Alice in Wonderland. A bit too Tim Burton for my taste, but it would make an interesting talking point.

I thought I would finish off with the bookshelf I would be most likely to buy, despite the fact I have no American connection whatsoever…

Pretty cool, the intricate nature of it makes it look impressive. Although seen as it has just been the Jubilee, maybe I should wait a few months, as it wouldn’t really go with all the union jack bunting.

Charlotte Brownlee, currently doing work experience at A&B

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