My kind of aliens…

The Twitter world has been going crazy about aliens of late. At first I wondered if this was another 21st Century The War of the Worlds moment but it turns out it’s just massive hype around the new Prometheus film . I say hype like it’s a bad thing but for people who like that kind of film, it’s supposed to be excellent. Personally, I’m more of a Men in Black than Aliens type of fan (yes, I know, there goes my credibility) so I won’t be rushing to the cinema any time soon.

As I’m not a massive movie buff anyhow I thought I’d get in on the act by shamelessly plugging our reissue of Christopher Buckley’s Little Green Men due out soon. You can keep ‘The gore, the goo and the ugly’, because I’m more into funny. Give me Buckley or Douglas Adams any day. Or Aliens Love Underpants.

Lara Crisp, Managing Editor

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