This Is It movie

The movie This is It hits cinemas today (for two weeks only). It’s the footage of Michael Jackson’s rehearsals for the 2009 concert tour he never got the chance to perform. The trailer claims that it’s the movie “the world has been waiting for” and that would normally pass as the over-hyped-up spiel of blockbuster marketing execs, but in this case, it’s less of an exaggeration. Just the trailer has had over 7.9million hits on YouTube.

I’m curious to see the movie (although I’ll be waiting for the DVD). I’m so used to seeing footage of Michael on the news – masked, looking feeble, surrounded by guards – that having watched the trailer, I get a sense that I might get a glimpse of the normal, human side to this mega-star – finally captured in his element, doing what he does best. It would actually be nice to be reminded of the true artist he was, rather than the freakish character he’d become.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity Manager

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