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I recently finished The Examined Life by Stephen Grosz – a book that has been following me everywhere for the past month or so. I kept seeing giant posters on the Underground and wondering what it was about. Grosz has been a psychologist for the past twenty-five years, over 50,000 hours spent listening and responding to those who have come to seek his help. In simple stories of encounter between a psychoanalyst and his patients, The Examined Life reveals how the art of insight can illuminate the most complicated, confounding and human of experiences.


I was captivated from the first encounter and by the end of the book it seemed the stories, although not related, had overlapping details and ideas. I also discovered after finishing the book (in a matter of days it was that good) that The Examined Life is part of a new reading genre designed to make us feel better called Shelf Help. Because as we all know, one of the best ways to feel good about life is through a good book!

Sophie Robinson, Editorial Administrator

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