The literary history around the A&B office…

Today I discovered the impressive literary history of The Fitzroy Tavern, a pub just around the corner from our office which I have passed many times. The tavern is famous for its history as a meeting place for London’s artists and intellectuals, from the 1920s to the 1950s. How could I have overlooked this, having worked here for almost nine months now? It’s known as the place where Dylan Thomas and George Orwell drank (and possibly scribbled?).

So I did some research (aka Googling) and found some other literary gems near the office. I was aware that Fitzroy Square was once home to Virginia Woolf, but other notable residents include George Bernard Shaw, Ian McEwan, and let’s not forget that the fictional office of Maisie Dobbs, created by our author Jacqueline Winspear, is also located in the Square.

I’m impressed to be working in a place with such a rich literary history, and slightly ashamed of myself for not realising its extent until now. From now on I will have to do some research into all my frequent haunts in London, to make sure I’m not missing any famous facts!

Sara Magness, Editorial Administrator

P.S. Oh, and recently, while re-watching series one of Sherlock, I spotted the boys strolling down Charlotte Street, again just around the corner from the office. It might not strictly count as literary history, but I was definitely impressed. . .

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