Smell-a-vision books!

I was reading through The Bookseller the other day and came across this article about scented books coming to a store near you soon.

It made me think back to the heady days of my childhood when smell-a-vision swept the nation. I think it was a Comic Relief night that particularly sticks in my memory. My tie-in magazine was dutifully bought and I settled down and scratched the panels at the orchestrated moments. And, let’s just say I don’t think subtlety was what they were aiming for – phewee! But, it’s a fun idea, and gives these books yet another edge over any digital incarnations.

And let’s not forget that scent is probably the most evocative sense. So perhaps Autumn Publishing and their Smellessense list, are being terribly clever and thinking of the big picture: that today’s readers of the ‘Splotz’ books will vividly remember them and buy them for the next generation?!

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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