The gift that keeps on giving

Am I the only one to think that birthdays and Christmases can be a slightly underwhelming experience for bibliophiles? Don’t get me wrong, anything that puts a fresh tome into my eager hands is not to be sniffed at, but the voucher/Book Token route and, in my case, the ‘Would Like to Read’ list my despairing Mum bullies out of me each November, leaves me sadly lacking in anticpation or surprise.

And I like surprises, good ones of course, and good book-shaped surprises are the cream of the crop. Although it’s rare for me to be gifted with an unexpected and beloved book; something that is a refreshing change perhaps but not a shot in the dark, having a friend’s stamp of approval upon it. So I’m rather enamoured of the options out there for book gifting, bibliotherapy etc

The latest example to catch my eye is from the people at The Willoughby Book Club. They catering for all ages (baby, toddler, kids, even grown-up couples packages are available) and tastes (cookery, classics, contemporary, gardening…).

And as a final lovely touch, for every book a month gift purchased, a brand new book is donated to Book Aid International, gift a book to children and people in Africa.


Lesley Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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