Twitter Favourites: Sixth Form Poet

Do you remember that person at school – the one who was ‘really into’ politics and philosophy, who perhaps enjoyed making a big fuss out of the fact that he/she was reading Nietzsche or classic Russian literature, the one who was a bit too obsessed with poetry and who liked to wow everyone with their ‘deep insights’ into life? If not, you were either lucky to avoid them, or I’m describing a teenage you. Either way, you might enjoy my latest Twitter favourite – Sixth Form Poet.

‘Deep Thoughts and Wise Words’ are his motto. I’ll let you be the judge of that with a few of my favourite Tweets:

“I’ll accept Phil Collins isn’t cool after one more night. Just give me one more night. Please give me one more night. I can’t wait forever.” — Sixth Form Poet April 4, 2013

“1: Buy diary for every year of your life 2: Leave every page empty 3: Send to publisher and say it’s your autobiography 4: Cry.” — Sixth Form Poet April 3, 2013

“My girlfriend just bought a ruler from Smiths. Heaven knows I’m measurable now.” — Sixth Form Poet April 2, 2013

“The man who created the Thesaurus has died. He’ll be fondly remembered, commemorated, memorialised, recalled and recollected.” — Sixth Form Poet April 2, 2013

“You have to question the modus operandi of people who use Latin for no reason.” — Sixth Form Poet March 28, 2013

“If a friend says “pictures or it didn’t happen”, murder him and don’t take any pictures.” — Sixth Form Poet March 28, 2013

It must be said that Twitter is a good place to be if you’re looking for a book deal – you can now buy a collection of these witty one-liners in The Sixth Form Poet: Deep Thoughts and Wise Words. Anyone else tempted to start Tweeting old jokes in the hopes of a nice advance?

Sara Magness, Editorial Administrator

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