Slow and steady…

It’s the perfect weather to be tucked up inside with a book at the moment and yet I don’t seem to be getting through any of the three reads I have on the go with much pace. But there’s a new reading craze that tells me I’m not alone in this and neither should I feel guilty about it.

slow reading


It’s called the Slow Reading Movement and sees people come together to sit in a silence and read, once a week. I think it’s quite a comforting idea – it reminds me of the half hour following registration on a school morning, where everyone would take out their books and devote half an hour to them.

Here, says The Guardian are three rules to follow during slow reading:

1) Free yourself from digital disruption

2) Don’t scan – practise reading each line left to right, and take in every word

3) Make a note of words or phrases you like, and return to them later

Let us know how you get on!

Kathryn, Publicity and Sales

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