Bitter Greens Takes Another Captive

This week I began reading Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth and, at the risk of appearing biased, have been totally captivated by it. What we know as the fairy tale, Rapunzel, is traced back to its origin, any glossing-over or ‘Disneying’ forgotten.

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The stories of the three central female characters are cleverly woven together: Charlotte de la Force, the writer of the tale we would recognise today as Rapunzel, is ‘imprisoned’ in a convent; the sorceress Selena Leonelli is desperate to remain eternally radiant; Margherita is trapped in an isolated tower with no avenue of escape.


Even as I work today, I find myself longing to read on, as the plot (and the hair) continues to thicken. Lovers of strong female protagonists, historical fiction and fairy tales –I happen to favour all these things –should definitely read this book.

Kelly, currently interning at A&B

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