Sign of the times?

Last weekend, I had a lovely but all-too-brief wander through my favourite city, Cambridge. The market square was packed, the sun was (briefly) out and the gorgeous John Lewis (Robert Sayle for those of a certain age it now seems) and Arcade development are still a wonderful novelty to me.

As time was quite short, I had my list of priorities. It’s rare that I pass through Cambridge without stopping in at Galloway & Porter – purveyors of an overwhelming collection of academic and bargain books. So, imagine my horror when coming up Sidney Street the words ‘Closing Down Sale’ were plastered over the window. Read more about the closure here.

Shocking! What particularly gets my goat though is that I, with a fair few connections still to the city, didn’t hear anything about G&P’s closure until I was a few feet away. A few years back there was an outcry and vociferous internet campaign to save the legendary kebab shop, Gardies.  My point isn’t so much that that campaign succeeded but that it got so much coverage. Time for a pitta with chips and mayo to make myself feel better, I think…

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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