Shakespeare at the Olympics

It’s official: I’m looking forward to the Olympics.  Not for the sporting events, of course. Or the chaos that will inevitably descend on London’s public transport. No, the reason for my anticipation lies in a more literary direction: the World Shakespeare Festival!

I’m sure you’re thinking this has nothing to do with the Olympics. BBC news tells me, however, that the festival is ‘part of the Cultural Olympiad, a series of artistic events for the 2012 Olympics.‘  It’s got nothing to do with Olympic sporting events, but that’s fine by me. When I get bored of the endless conversations about gymnastics landings and curling techniques (seriously, how is that a sport?), I’ll head down to the Globe and take refuge in some Shakespeare.

And there’s more to enjoy for those who won’t be avidly watching the games: art exhibitions, film screenings, and outdoor events are all part of the cultural plans. Read more here… So now that summer 2011 seems to be well and truly over (it’s lovely and drizzly here in London), we can start looking forward to the next one!

Sara Magness, Editorial Administrator

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