Pay With a Poem

On Saturday, in honour of World Poetry Day, one company in Vienna decided to commemorate the occasion by using poetry as currency for the day. Julius Meinl marked this day with a promotion spanning across 23 countries in their 1100 cafes, bars and restaurants. This included the UK!

The thinking behind this ingenious idea was the company’s close link to the Viennese coffee house culture, which they say is “not only . . . a particular way of life” but that it has an “inspirational effect on artists and writers.” It is unknown whether poetic talent was taken into consideration when exchanged for food and drink or what the company now plan to do with all their submissions. More details about the company can be found at their website:

We’ll have to wait and see whether any other companies decide to expand upon the idea for next year. Personally, I wouldn’t mind writing a sonnet in exchange for a holiday, for example!


Kelly, Publishing Assistant

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