Olympic Art

‘Write about what you know’ they always say. Pfft. Look at me, I’m going to write about art about which I know next to nothing. Our author Ruth Dudley Edwards knows quite a bit about it though, and in her upcoming book Killing the Emperors (available in November) she courts controversy with a very unforgiving take on modern ‘art’.

Personally, while I’m not a fan of formaldehyde cows and messy bedrooms, I think some modern artists deserve credit for originality. The Olympics (and the circles in particular) have inspired some great artistic interpretations, the opening ceremony’s spectacular gold display for one. The official Olympic posters caused a bit of a stir too with reactions ranging from ‘cool’ to the rather unoriginal criticism, ‘my two-year-old could have done better’. But it’s these lovely little creations (spotted on the Southbank and tweeted by @digitalmarje) that really make me smile. Someone give this teatowel designer a gold medal.

Lara Crisp, Managing Editor

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