Off the grid


“Oh sorry was that me? I’ll just check, won’t be a sec…”

Sound familiar? Yes, I hate to admit it but I am frequently guilty of being one of those people with an itchy thumb restless for the next email or status update. I’m beginning to think that simply people watching to fill a few minutes on the tube or waiting for a friend is a dying art.

And we all know that this kind of hyper connectivity is the enemy of actually getting anything done. You’ve probably heard of the apps such as Freedom that can sever your online connection or block distracting websites for a set period if you need help buckling down to that chapter or report. And now those who want to get their creative groove on while off the grid can sign up to the Lost Festival. Set in a secret woodland location this August, your phone is banned while you join others for this 24 hour live art festival. Sounds nice to me.

Lesley, Publishing Manager

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